Q&A with Alexia & Natasha of Foxhat



Q: Foxhat is more than stationery – it’s a lifestyle brand. Please tell us about the inception of Foxhat and what made you and Alexia start the brand.

A: Alexia and I started Foxhat as a result of being creatively unsatisfied at our job. We met in advertising and soon realized it wasn’t the place for us. The idea itself was conceived over a beer on a patio, but we tossed around several similar ideas before landing on what it is today. It actually took us about a year to get into motion.



Q: We love your designs – where do you draw inspiration for your illustrations?

A: We typically draw inspiration from pop culture but also try to be aware of whats trending season to season. Our style is a mixture of whit and charm as we tend to illustrate  things based on what makes us happy hoping it will do the same in return. I think what contributes to our inspiration is that we both work full-time as commercial designers so Foxhat tends to be a result of the things we can’t accomplish in our day job. It’s an outlet for us explore new ideas.


Q: What is the most memorable piece of snail mail you’ve sent or received?

Alexia: A direct mail piece by a major telecommunication company, commenting on my appearance without addressing me by name. It was “Hottie of the house”. Funny but also terrifying.

Natasha: When I was younger, maybe grade 3? I was part of a chain letter and at the time I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Every few weeks I would receive post cards from strangers from all over the world. We mostly talked about generic things like school, tv and your siblings but this was pre-internet so it was pretty mind blowing.



Q: We’re fans of your black and white aesthetic. Why do you love black & white?

A: It was never our intent to work purely in black and white; it was very organic. Originally it happened as a result of costs when we started out making wrapping paper. Black and white designs were half the cost of colour and eventually that became our style across other mediums like apparel and household goods. Looking back, we’re both happy we chose this route because we do think it helps separate us from our competitors and makes our brand memorable.


Q: When you’re not working on Foxhat, where does your creativity take you? 

To be honest, we try our best to take a step away from creative endeavours when we’re not working on Foxhat. Since Foxhat is part-time from our full-time design jobs, we don’t want to become victims of creative burn out. We travel when we can and spend time with friends. It’s a balance everyone needs.