Q&A with Brian of Baltic Club

Q) What made you and Melanie decide to create your own line of paper products back in 2014?
Melanie and I LOVE working together. We also have a design company (Glasgow Studio) and our dream at this time was to work on projects we chose instead of projects imposed to us. That day, we were in a restaurant, surrounded by illustrations on the walls and I asked Melanie: « Would you like to exhibit your drawings one day? », she answered « Sure! ». I secretly organized her first exhibition there, it went so well and everything began that day.
Q) Please share some of the lessons you have learned as entrepreneurs.
It is a marathon, not a sprint. Never think it’s already won. Consistency is the key. We’ve also learned to think with our brain, our heart or our guts depending on the situations.
Q) Many of your designs feature nature and animals – what do you do to feel inspired? 
We have a dog, Lola, she’s beautiful and kind. We make her « talk » often. We also love science and nature documentaries. Nature related topics are solid common points between the two of us. As a child, Melanie wanted to be a veterinarian, I wanted to take care of endangered pandas. She loves to take care of plants too and water them always too much 🙂
Q) What does your design process look like for a typical greeting card?
We live in a parallel universe and have totally absurde discussions all the time. That makes us laugh a lot every day since 3 years that we know each others. Sometimes, we pick things we say, write them down and imagine the way to express the idea we had, the best we can.
Q) Baltic Club is based in one of our favourite Canadian cities – Montreal. What do you love about your city?
Boiling creativity, creators’ networks and bilingualism. Melanie is Canadian and I’m French from France. We are very different even though we speak the « same » language. In Montreal, that’s a fantastic thing to experience.
Q) Please tell us a little bit about the workshops that you offer. 
Workshops are born from the idea to get closer to our local crowd. Also, we love to explain things and share our passion with whomever is ready to learn more about our work.
Q) Any big creative plans or dreams for 2017?
So many! Online workshops, paper magazine, a mural last month at Montreal’s planetarium, a conference, 2 new collections, new type of products, new website… We are so grateful to do this every day 😊
Baltic Club consists of Melanie Ouellette and Brice Salmon from Montreal, Canada. They are design passionates, animals and plants lovers, entrepreneurship enthusiasts. In their duo, Melanie is the artist and Brice the magicien.