Q&A with Holton and Jamie of Badger & Burke

Q: What made you and Jamie turn your artistic talents toward designing greeting cards?

A: We met in 2003 as awkward brace-faced teens and have been collaborating ever since our fateful meeting. Years of friendship and artistic partnership resulted in us basically becoming a single entity, so naturally we came together to create Badger & Burke. We were drawn to greeting cards as a way to bring our like-minded sense of humour, colour and positivity together and out to the world as affordable and exchangeable art.

Q: We love your style and bright colour palettes – where do you draw inspiration for your designs from?

A: We both have a long-standing love affair with mid-century graphic design and illustration. The use of colour and cut outs from the 50s and 60s was a big part of our conversation when creating the look and feel of Badger & Burke. Paul Rand, Charlie Harper and Matisse definitely came to mind as points of inspiration for us both.

In early 2017, we ran away from Vancouver, spent two months traveling through India, and then ended up in Bangkok, where we settled into a small studio/apartment and spent six months drawing, cutting paper, and creating the collection that would become our card family. Being surrounded by so much colour inspired us to work with a brighter and bolder palette. Colour is fun!

Q: Tell us about the most memorable piece of snail mail you have ever received.

A: Postcards (funnily enough, as we’ve yet to add any to Badger & Burke’s catalogue). The first snail mail I remember receiving were post cards from my Granny when she visited Sweden. And we loved receiving postcards from some of our best friends as they as they traveled throughout Europe. It’s such a fun tradition of correspondence through travel and one of our favourite parts of other people’s vacations! We want to keep it going, so I suppose we should get to designing some of our own!

Q: When you’re not designing cards, what are some of your favourite pastimes?

A: We love spending our time watching B-movies; caring a little too much about faded pop stars; creeping on cute dogs at the park; exchanging Harry Potter theories; and continuing our never-ending journey to find the best bowl of pho… or donut … or really anything edible…

Q: What are three of your favourite places in Vancouver?

– The West End Neighbourhood – home of Stanley Park, lovely beaches, cute shops and endless good food!

– The Vancouver Art Gallery

– Our Mums’ houses

Q: Any dream creative projects?

A: Designing a series of book cover illustrations for Penguin Classics!

Q: Most valued tool(s) for your creative process?

A: Construction paper, scissors, a single pen and tracing paper!