Q&A with Karen of Oh My Inspired (V. 2)

Q: Please tell us a bit about your journey starting Oh My Inspired. What made you want to create your own line of paper products?
I grew up writing notes on lined paper to my best friend, and we would exchange them once a week whenever we saw each other at church. We would doodle on them, draw pictures, write down our hopes and dreams of marrying a Backstreet Boy. (no shame there! haha) I still have all our letters in a binder. Needless to say, handwritten notes and stationery were always dear to my heart. So one day I decided to start designing simple note cards where people can write their thank you(s) and encouragements for their friends and families. With technology, we’ve lost a bit of the human touch I find. If I am able to contribute to the “old fashioned” way of communicating in some way, then why not!

Q: What appeals to you about watercolour as a medium?
I find it therapeutic! By nature, I like structure, schedules, and to-do lists. But with watercolour, I love how sometimes you can’t think too much about it; you just have to trust your feeling and go with the flow, literally! And when the colours blend together in a way that you intended it to flow, there is something so satisfying about it.

Q: How has your training and work in the interior design industry influenced you and your designs?
The elements and principles of design was something that I learned early on and so naturally, I apply things like balance and proportion into my designs and layouts of the cards and print. I also studied a little bit on colour theory and the psychology behind it and so I try to use and pair colours together that is pleasing and calm to the eye.

Q: Do you have any dream projects for 2017?
I would love to get back to a more handmade aspect and perhaps dabble into Linoleum Cut Printmaking again and transfering those designs onto cards and prints. I love how by using that method, each piece I create, becomes unique and one of a kind.

Q: Tell us about a memorable piece of mail you have received. 
Through Compassion Canada, my husband and I sponsor a boy from El Salvador. Although we are able to communicate electronically, I love receiving letters from him in the mail. Over the past few years, it’s been wonderful to see how his penmanship and drawings have developed!

Ohmyinspired is a full service stationery online store that sells ready made and customized paper goods. Karen creates all of her designs through sketches, paintings, and computer graphics programs. Everything is printed and created in her home studio or sometimes outsourced at a local print shop.