Q&A with Litsa of That Blue Sky

1. What is the one stationery item you couldn’t live without?
My collection of Post-Its in various colours. Colour-coding my To-Do list is my poetry.

2.Who are some of your favourite Canadian designers/artists?
Totally crushing on Miss Me, right now. She is a montreal street artist focused onIy challenging the stereotypes of femininity. I believe, and have believed for some time now that we can totally be best friends.

3.What do you do when you hit a creative roadblock?
Temper tantrums…like toddler. I stomp my feet, clench my fists and occasionally cry uncontrollably.

4. Name five spots you love to go in your city.
There are no lack of amazing little spots and hidden gems in Montreal. So here are some of my faves.
Coffee first….I start my day with coffee from Campanelli (@campanellishop)
For a little nature break or when i need to clear my head, I can walk or bike along the Lachine Canal, which is right by my office.
Lunch at Arthurs Nosh Bar (@arthursmtl), Dessert at Rustique Pies (@rustiquepies) – because I can!
After a long day of creative thinking and temper tantrums, I like to unwind with a Red Stripe at Bar de Courcelle (@bardecoucelle)

5. Fill in the blank: Snail mail is…..trending right now

6. What does your creative space look like?
It’s a small and cozy space (1100 sq ft) – separated in two sections. One side hosts our desks and packing area and on the other side is where we do our all of our production. Four printing presses, numerous pre and post production machines; all making beautiful harmonious noise together.

That Sky Blue is a fine stationery company rich in international flavor and everyday inspiration. Canadian founder Litsa Babalis was dedicated to the preservation of letterpress and dreamed of bringing this beautiful and almost obsolete art back to the modern world with a design flare. It didn’t take long before a business plan was in place, a three-ton, cast iron press was purchased, cleaned up and ready for action. That Sky Blue boasts a range of exquisitely designed stationery, including a wide range of greeting cards for all occasions, note cards and other paper novelty items. All products also share a commitment to the environment with the entire letterpress collection printed on 100% cotton paper recycled from the remnants of the garment industry and printed solely with soy based inks.