Q&A with Litsa of That Sky Blue


Q: Please tell us a bit about your stationery journey – what inspired you to create That Sky Blue?

A: It was probably more than one single inspired moment that led me to quit my job and start something unusual and risky.  My inspiration mainly comes from the ability to be as creative as I want to be and perhaps show people something they may have never otherwise known much about…letterpress.


Q: What appeals to you about the process of letterpress?

A: Seeing my designs on the computer is cool but having the ability to use my hands to manoeuvre these machines that are over 100 years old in order to make my designs come to life…that’s an incredible feeling.


Q: What do you think makes sending and receiving greeting cards special?

A: There’s something about the human touch that can never be replaced by technology. I think we crave personalized experiences that matter.


Q: Please share one of your own snail mail memories with us.

A: One of my best friends during college took some time off to backpack through Europe. He would send me postcards and lengthy letters from each city and country he visited. I remember running to the mailbox every morning waiting for his next letter, excited to read about his new adventures. I still have those letters to this day.

Q: Where do you draw inspiration for your designs from?

A: Peers, family, travel…there are no restraints as to what or who I draw inspiration from to turn a thought into a design. I often tune out and focus on my own thoughts for a while. I find spending time in my own head is an important part in my creative process.

Photo 2013-03-29 11 18 54 AM

Q: In addition to your stationery line, you do custom work. What do you enjoy about the process of working with clients to create or interpret a vision?

A: We have had the opportunity to work with many different types of clients who challenge us to think outside the box and create something special. Whether it’s a local small business, a freelance designer, an agency or even couples getting married, the best part for me is the collaboration. Inviting clients into the process builds trust and makes production more efficient. In most cases they end up having a genuine passion for letterpress because they had a hand in the process.

Q: Any dream projects that you’d like to work on?

A: I find I am at my best when I am teaching, so I am working on a creating a few letterpress workshops throughout the year. More details to come soon 🙂

That Sky Blue is soulful stationery made using only the best environmentally responsible papers from North America,soy based inks and recycled resources.