Q&A with Melodie of Art of Melodious

Q: When did you start drawing/painting?
A: The earliest recollection I have of when I started drawing was around the age of 4. I drew a chubby horse and I remember really enjoying doing it. I still have that drawing too which is pretty fun to look back on. But from that moment art continued to be a strong interest and so did my love of horses and all animals.
Q:  How did you know you wanted to start your own line of greeting cards?
A: I was always the designated card maker if any of my family members needed a card. So creating cards was always something I enjoyed doing, especially when I could throw in a bit of my humour. Any wedding or birthday I personally went to I’d create a custom little card for the person that was meaningful. Fast forward years later my husband (at the time boyfriend) encouraged me to put a couple of my illustrations on cards to sell on Etsy, silly me being bashful didn’t think anyone would be interested in them. Press fast forward again and I now have my own online store and sell my cards throughout Canada and US. My line of cards also fulfilled my dream of owning my own business and working from home so I could have a family.
Q: What is the most memorable piece of snail mail you’ve sent or received?
A: When I was around 10 I wrote letters back and forth with my Aunt in Montreal, she always included special little stickers on the envelope and her stationery was always so cool. I still have a box of all the letters from her <3
Q: Many of your cards feature animals – do you have any pets? What draws you to paint animals?
A: I grew up in a animal loving family and I must have come out of the womb an animal lover. We grew up in the country and always had 3+ cats, 2 dogs, chickens, ducks and a pony. Alongside those pets but not all at once but we also owned a hedgehog, bunny, a couple rats, lizards, fish, hamsters and I’m sure I’ve forgotten some. I truly had the pleasure of experiencing lots of animals and their characters, heck I initially wanted to be a vet but the maths and sciences were not my strengths but drawing them was a different story. Currently I own 2 cats and 2 dogs, which really isn’t enough for me haha 🙂 We are hoping to add to the farm soon.
Q: Please share with us a bit about your process – how does a card go from idea to a printed design?
A: I’ll start with my idea factory. Sometimes they come to me through experiences and sometimes they are generated through some serious sit down and brainstorm time. The ideas are than sketched into my moleskin regardless if they are good or not so good. The not so good idea always have the potential of being built on or inspiring another good idea, I learnt in school to never scribble out a drawing the ones you don’t like help you improve.
A good idea scribble is than redrawn and than scanned into my computer where I use my own textures to apply colour digitally. I choose to print on a nice partially recycled and responsibly rated paper through a local printer. At first I was scoring and cutting on my own but in order to have good quality and to preserve my hands from carpel tunnel I decided it was best to let someone with really big nice printers and machinery to do the work for me.
Q: Any dream projects?
A: Anything horse related really haha! Ever since I was that little girl who drew her first horse I’ve been obsessed with them and drawing them! If I get a custom job that includes a horse I’m always so excited. It would be awesome to do some editorial illustrations or illustrate a children’s book about horses. I actually did create my own children’s book for ages 3-5 about horses that one day I’d love to have published and perhaps create a series.


Merrickville-area based Greeting card company Art of Melodious is a result of the love of funny cards and great illustrations. Founder Melodie Burns saw that people loved her homemade illustrated cards, with the encouragement of her #1 supporter and husband/partner, she pursued her dream of owning her own business and creating art she loved. In a fast paced technological world we want to encourage people to slow down, grab a cup of tea and write a letter (can we call it slow media?). We believe in the meaning behind a hand written note and want to help people connect by offering fun frameable cards, even a ‘just because’ card. All cards are printed on recycled and FSC rated stock, the environment is very important to us and if we all do a small part we can make a big difference. We also want to keep things Canadian and local so the printing and all assembly is completed in our home studio space.