Q&A with Mono of Silkpulp


Q: Each of your beautiful, detailed cards starts out as a hand cut paper illustration. Please tell us about your process. 

A: Using a surgical blade, I carefully cut extensive patterns out of single, or several pieces of paper until it renders my work of art. I tend to create greeting cards, letter size posters, framed originals and limited prints, and take on custom commission work. I love the combination of nature and words, as you will see reflected in my work. Also, I don’t create the same design twice. If I design one, that’s it. It won’t repeat ever again. This is my rule 🙂

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Q:  Nature and flowers are often part of your designs. What inspires you?

A: My grandmother was a gardener. When I was young, she showed me so many different types of flowers. Maybe that is why I use lots flower designs naturally.


Q: In addition to making paper cut designs, you create gorgeous paper flower wreaths and garlands. What do you enjoy about working with paper?

A: Paper can be a delicate material but a very strong material as well. I always love finding new materials in my art field. There are so many different art materials out there, but I find that paper is the most attractive and unique material to me. I like to challenge myself and being unique 🙂

Mono Ahn_ paper cut cards

Q: You have worked as an animator and have studied textile design as well as illustration. What appealed to you about creating a line of stationery?

A: To me creating a new thing is not different than any others subjects that I’ve studied. It just continues to expand my art knowledge. I haven’t stopped doing animation, designing textiles or doing illustration. Stationery is just a different way to convey my style. I found that a stationery line is perfect for all of my art skills and that I can combine them together. I am very happy with what I’m doing now; also, I love to show/share my style with my audiences.

Q: What is the most memorable piece of mail you have ever received?

A: So many things….gosh, I can’t choose one, but if I have to choose, that will be surprise art supplies from one of my favorite art directors in Japan. He sent me paintbrushes that he made. You can’t buy them…..I haven’t used them ( I won’t use them…lol).

Mono (Sooeun) Ahn is an award-winning professional illustrator and paper cut artist. After working as an animator and studying textile design in South Korea, Mono immigrated to Canada. In 2013 she realized her dream of completing an Honours Bachelor of Arts Illustration degree from Sheridan College. Mono also received Sheridan’s 2013 Applied Arts Student Award for Children’s Illustration. After graduation, Mono realized another dream by opening her own business, called Silkpulp. Her current passion is the art of paper cut illustration: intricate designs painstakingly carved with a surgical blade, requiring both patience and a steady-hand.Silkpulp’s speciality is paper cut greeting cards, posters and custom illustrations. Mono’s organic designs imagine a whimsical universe of fluid organic shapes and colourful forest creatures. A magical land, where trees and flowers replace skyscrapers and subways, and where animals with big personalities seem ready to leap right off the page.