Q&A with Rovena Tey of The Chemist Tree

1. What is the one stationery item you couldn’t live without?
Pens. It’s what I use to bring chemistry to life on my cards. And otherwise, I always need to scribble down ideas and notes that are bursting out of my head.

2. Who are some of your favourite Canadian designers/artists
There are sooo many but to name a few: Water in my Paint, Shed Pottery, Flowerpot Designs, Embroiderwee, Papertrails Design Co., Stephanie Street Co., Senay Studio., Avril Loreti.

3. What do you do when you hit a creative roadblock?
Take a break and do something different like playing with my kids, gardening, baking, or chores around the house. When the roadblock happens at night, it means it’s time to go to sleep. The “A ha!” moment will surely come tomorrow.

4. Name five spots you love to go to.
My favourite spots in the big city of Toronto are the Paper Place, St. Lawrence Market, and Ripley’s Aquarium. Nearer to my residence west of Toronto, I’m often lost in nature, particularly around Crawford Lake or the Dundas Valley. This summer, I was adventurous and discovered some lovely beaches off Lake Huron: Sauble Beach (& the Casero double decker food bus!), Grand Bend and the Pinery Provincial Park.

5. Fill in the blank: Snail mail is…
The best surprise!

6. What does your creative space look like?
A creative mess of paper and stationery everywhere! You know what Einstein said, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

The Chemist Tree is a collection of fun chemistry cards & other goods, emerging from a curiosity about the everyday (what we eat & drink, how we feel, ways of life, textures of materials, how the world works) fused with a passion for creative expression (humour, puns, colour, simplicity). Handmade by a scientist named Rovena Tey.