Q&A with Tanya of Snap + Tumble

Q: What drew you to letterpress? Do you recollect the first time you used a press – if so, do you recall what you printed?

A: Initially, what drew me to letterpress was the end product. But as I began to learn the process and art of letterpress printing, every part of it became endearing to me.

From the design phase, to selecting the cardstock, to setting type, mixing ink and packaging – every step is a labour of love.

Q: You established Snap + Tumble in 2007, and have been working on custom projects and your own designs since. Is there a particular project that stands out to you that you can tell us about?

A: A few years ago I was invited to work on a very cool project for the inaugural year of the Cultural Hotspots  that was featuring the southern area of Scarborough, Ontario. I got to print about forty or so large pieces of signage of names of businesses that were on that strip of the Danforth.  I’ve always loved and wanted to print with large wood type in various fonts and this project allowed me to do just that.

Q: You also teach letterpress workshops on your tabletop press. What do you enjoy about teaching?

A: What I love about teaching my process of letterpress printing is that I simply get to share what I know with others that are also in love with stationery and printing. Through my seven years of holding workshops, I’ve met the nicest folks – some who’ve also gone on, bought their own press and continued with letterpress printing.

Q: What appeals to you about stationery and snail mail?

A: I love that stationery can be about your personal style. It’s like an accessory that shows who you are, what you like, what you’re into and there are so many designs to choose from. That might be the reason I have boxes and stacks of stationery!

When I receive snail mail, I know that the person who sent it took the time to select the stationery and to sit and give some thought to what they’ve written to me. I think sending snail mail is a very special thing to do for someone.

Snap + Tumble is a Canadian letterpress line of paper goods that is designed, created and printed by Tanya Roberts in Toronto. Her atelier is equipped with four antique letterpress machines that occupy a small corner of a room which is where all of the magic happens. She takes on custom orders for social stationery needs as well as runs an introductory class on letterpress printing out of her home-studio. She’s on Twitter at @snapandtumble and on Instagram at @snap_and_tumble.