Be a Sponsor

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the Toronto Stationery Show!

Applications are now closed. Due to high interest, only accepted sponsors will be contacted via email.


Why should I become a sponsor?
If you are involved in stationery and paper goods or simply want to be involved in the Toronto community, consider sponsoring the Toronto Stationery Show! It’s a great way to support a local event and small businesses while promoting your brand to a wide audience.

Who will be attending the show?
We expect a variety of attendees ranging from paper-loving shoppers and stationery designers, to wholesalers, fellow sponsors and simply passerbys curious by the line outside! For more information, feel free to visit the 2019 TSS Facebook Event.

How many vendors and attendees will be at the show?
Vendors will be posted on our Vendor page. As 2019 marks the very first Toronto Stationery Show hosted by Q&A Letterbox, we can only provide an estimated number of attendees from our official 2019 TSS Facebook Event.

How can I become a sponsor?
Please submit the application form by the posted deadline of June 1, 2019 at 11:59 PM EST.

How much is it to sponsor the show?
Submitting an application is free, but please review the application form for sponsorship fees if accepted as a sponsor.

I’ve submitted an application. Does that mean I’m an official sponsor?
Submitting an application does not guarantee official sponsorship of the show. Due to the high number of submissions, only accepted sponsors will be contacted.

Where can I receive the latest news and announcements?
Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates!