Toronto Stationery Show (TSS)

What is the Toronto Stationery Show?
It is a one-day juried event featuring stationery vendors from near and far, bringing beautiful paper goods and stationery accessories to you. View our past events to see if your favourite stationery designer was featured!

When is the Toronto Stationery Show?
Official details on the 2020 Toronto Stationery Show still to come.

Is the show free to the general public?

Is the venue accessible?
Venue details for the 2020 Toronto Stationery Show coming soon.

Is this a cash-only event?
Payment will depend on the vendor. Some vendors may choose to accept cash or credit/debit card payments (or both). We suggest being prepared for all types of payment.

I want to be a vendor! How do I apply?
Thank you for your interest! Be sure to visit the Vendors page follow us on social media to receive the latest updates and announcements on how to apply.

I want to support the show! Are there any sponsorship opportunities?
Absolutely! We could not run the show without your support. Be on the lookout on our Sponsors page or social media on how to sponsor next year’s show.

Are you on social media?
Yes! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates.

Q&A Letterbox

Is Q&A Letterbox still a greeting card subscription series?
After three amazing years of curating Canadian stationery and paper goods to new and long-time subscribers, we decided it was time to remodel our brand and focus on stationery related events. We are now aiming our efforts on hosting the Toronto Stationery Show (TSS) to unite stationery lovers and designers alike. For more information about TSS, please refer to the FAQs directly above.

Are you still on social media?
Absolutely! We are always active on Instagram and Facebook to promote snail mail love and our new endeavours.

For any other questions or to get in contact with us, please email us at hello[at]qandaletterbox.com